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  • Certified Emotion and Body Code
  • Combines multiple modalities - over 5+
  • Over 1500 sessions in past 2 years
  • Constantly updating skills and knowledge
  • In Office or Distance Sessions Available
  • Flexible scheduling for all Time Zones
  • Summaries for all Sessions
  • Multiple Options - Best are Online
  • - Online - Floating button to the right
  • - Online - Contact tab at the bottom
  • E-mail - Tom@ TheBodyEmotions.com
  • Call / text - 360-460-2135 - best to text
  • You can Reschedule if there are problems
  • You can also Cancel online
  • Payment is expected before the session
  • Payment can be done online or phone
  • - floating button on right with credit card
  • - Contact tab at bottom - click on lines
  • Payments are through PayPal processor
  • You DO NOT need a PayPal account
  • You can use your Credit Card
  • System developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Emotion Code Chart of 60 Emotions
  • Uses Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Identifies Trapped Emotions
  • Release through Intention & Magnet
  • Clears the Imbalance & Allows Body to Heal
  • Body will Require Processing Time
  • System developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson
  • Identifies 6 Different Areas of Imbalance
  • 260+ Body & Mind Charts Used
  • Uses Kinesiology (muscle testing)
  • Release through Intention & Magnet
  • Allows Holistic Clearing for the Body
  • Body will Require Processing Time
  • Sessions performed by Tom Heintz
  • Certified Emotion and Body Code + more ...
  • 45-60 Minutes Long - Depends on Body
  • Available In-Office or Distance
  • Session Summaries sent via E-mail
  • Discounted 1st Session (full session)
  • Family or Individual Packages Available

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Tom Heintz - cecp cbcp D.PSc

I truly hope you will take the challenge to take control of your life. The changes that have come to me from this work are hard to express. I feel like I've learned a new language ... the language of the Body and it's been a revelation!

I've listed a few of major benefits below.

  • Learn from your body just how much you have depended on the silent work it has done.
  • Overcome the Self-Sabotage by working with your body instead of against it.
  • Finally clear those blocks that were keeping you from achieving your goals and find out why it was happening.
  • Release the walls in all of your relationships - home, work, love and family.
  • Overcome any pains that are keeping your from being fully active. If your body created it - it can get rid of it.
I can't guarantee that it will fix everything, but it will help release the imbalances that can allow you to heal yourself.

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