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You Have Attracted Where You Are Today

If you don't like what you are Attracting in your life, change the Frequency
Tom Heintz - Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Ready to Change Your Life?

  • Physical - Chronic Pain or Ailments
  • Mental - Anxiety, Stress and Depression
  • Social - Relationship and Communication
  • Financial - Clearing $$$ Blocks

Are You Where You Want To Be With ...

Soulmate Attractor Factor

What is keeping you from bringing that perfect person into your life? Are there past experiences that need releasing?

The Allergy Conspiracy

Are you being controlled by your body in the form of allergies and intolerances? Frequently these are caused by body imbalances and can be corrected.

Money Magnet

Are you constantly chasing after the money slipping through your fingers? Is there a past or inherited belief system in your way?

Family & Friends

Are you connecting with those you care about? How easy is it for them to care about you? Still dealing with obstacles pushing you apart?

Body Complaints

Is your body fighting against you? Are you experiencing pain or disability? You subconscious is trying to get your attention is tired of being ignored.

Life Compass Malfunction

Do you feel like you are heading in the wrong direction? Is the current course taking you where you want to be? Discover what is influencing your actions and results.

These Things Can Be Released

... meet Tom Heintz cecp cbcp

Tom Heintz - Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Modalities Used

  • The Emotion Code
  • The Body Code
  • Three Dimensional Therapy (T3)
  • Self-Sabotage & Soul Recovery
  • Key 7 Tuning & Elemental Body
  • Reiki and others

What Tom's Clients Are Saying

Make no mistake: there IS a connection between the mind and the body, even if you aren't consciously aware of it. During a session with Tom, he identified one of my sisters as a Saboteur, presenting itself as a 'Burning Spear' in my right hip. Tom released it and cleared the energy. What Tom didn't know- COULDN'T have known- were the events involving my sister, in the year that he correctly stated- and how for years, I have actively sought out treatment for a burning pain in my right hip. I have seen a chiropractor, had physical therapy courses, did exercises, used a heating pad- I mean, everything! Nobody could explain it, or 'cure it', for that matter. Well, I don't have to tell you the next part- after that session with Tom, the pain is GONE. Not just a little relief, not 'it's not as bad as it was'- it's gone. I am amazed, grateful, encouraged, and excited with where Tom's practice is going to lead me.
MaryWarrior Queen

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Emotion Code Chart and Dr. Bradley Nelson - Tom Heintz cecp cbcp
Mind Energy - Tom Heintz certified Emotion and Body Code Practitioner

How it works: Find and Release the Imbalances

The Emotion Code and The Body Code

The Emotion Code, is the simplest and fastest method developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson to help heal any underlying emotional or psychological imbalances from the past. Having trapped emotions can cause depression, anxiety, pain and cause people to feel disconnected from others. Releasing trapped emotions make conditions right for your body to heal, allowing physical and emotional symptoms to become more manageable and gradually disappear. Emotion Code has been created to give you new insight, to show you how trapped emotions can cause all kinds of problems, and give you the means to release them. You can take your life back, enjoy better health and finally be free from the negative circumstances that trapped emotions are exerting upon you.
The Body Code, Combines Muscle Testing and The Body Code Mind Maps into one easy to use system. The power of The Body Code System lies in its simplicity. It lets you tap into the limitless resources and wisdom of the Subconscious Mind to answer any health question or concern you may have.
Tom Heintz certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner
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