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Tom Heintz - certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Tom Heintz - Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

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  • Modalities Used: The Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Soul Blueprint, Self-Sabotage, Three Dimensional Therapy (T3), Key 7 (K7) and other developed techniques
  • Over 1500 Sessions in past 2 years and providing you with someone experienced in more than one modality for all your body needs
  • In Office or Distance Sessions - Using Skype, Phone or even Email, he works with you no matter where in the world you are

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Tom Heintz certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner
Certified Emotion Code Practitioner - Tom Heintz
Pastoral Medical Association - Tom Heintz cecp cbcp D.Psc
Certified Body Code Practitioner - Tom Heintz
Tom Heintz certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner
Tom Heintz - through the years - cecp cbcp


How I feel about the Modalities I work with!

The Emotion Code! - "Ever since I started working with the Emotion Code, I've had plenty of opportunities to share this with family and friends. They are coming out from all corners as we work with their trapped emotions. As one person feels the change, they start calling their friends and family! I'm getting phone calls from all over with a desire to have work done ... and from complete strangers. The differences in their quality of life is what creates the biggest testimony for me and my wife. As we released some of my wife's trapped emotions, a profound change occurred in one of our sons who has PTSD from his tour in Afghanistan. Our daughter-in-law was talking with my wife the next day, who mentioned the release and was told that for some reason, our son had come home from work in a very happy mood. This is very unusual for him, but really got her thinking. He works as a Drill Sargent for a youth rehabilitation facility and is constantly being the heavy with wayward boys. Since that time, we have had some life changing experiences with them ... and in last couple of days, I've worked directly with them, after they initiated the calls, to completely remove their heart walls. They are the happiest we have ever seen them. Before, our son would stay on the phone for no longer than 2-3 minutes before passing it over to our daughter-in-law. In the past week, he has repeatedly called home and talked for over 40 minutes at a time ... not counting the sessions I had with him over the phone. This has been one of the most revealing and powerful processes I've ever been involved with and have been pleased to have worked on over 25 people in the last month alone. I've started a list of different heart walls I've come across and have already listed 22 with a few repeats. Many of which have been removed and others in the process. What an amazing system! Thank you Dr. Nelson for listening when you were directed to help us to help others by creating the Emotion Code. I'm working on getting my certification requirements together. I can hardly wait to get into the Body Code! My sincere appreciation, Tom Heintz" - it wasn't long before I did get the Body Code!
Tom HeintzThis was back in 2013 when I only had the Emotion Code
The Body Code! - "When I finally got my hands on the Body Code I figured I had finally discovered the ultimate answer to every question there was with the body. Well, that was true in so many ways, but as I used it on myself and those I loved. I began to realize that this technique was the key to unlocking so much more than just what it offered on the surface. I soon became a certified Body Code Practitioner and through the process of working with so many different issues that people were experiencing, I soon realized that the Body Code was the stepping stone that would launch my further investigations into the "Unseen World" around us. I began to create my own charts and researched the hidden meanings behind the charts of the Body Code. I began to discover that I could use the Body Code Charts as a base and attached "symbolic" meanings to many of the choices. This expanded the whole program and now I currently have over 50 additional pages in a separate binder along with charts I developed that guide me where I need to go with each client. In the past 2 years I have performed over 1500 sessions. With those sessions come many revelations that have sometimes blown my mind as I comprehended the meanings. I have become an avid reader of many different modalities and therapy techniques. Each has it's place in the healing process. One criteria I do maintain is that it works alongside the Body Code. This is the Core and allows me a system that is stable and consistent in receiving answers from the Subconscious Mind. In the next section, I will relate some of the findings that I've discovered as I have developed my own personal system to help my clients and understand on a deeper level what is actually happening with our "whole" body. Consisting of many parts that I would never have dreamed were so important and vital to our well-being and safety. This journey has opened my eyes and allowed me to "speak" another language ... the language of the body, mind and soul. Not everyone will understand what I'm saying, but those that do will appreciate what I have to offer.
Tom HeintzObservations - 2017
Beyond the Body Code! - "This is the exciting part! If you don't know, the Body Code is a system developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and is focused on the imbalances of the body and the relationships to 6 different aspects that cause imbalances. I remember the first time I was testing to see which imbalance was causing an issue with a client and the answer was "none of the listed". I was dumbfounded and tested again and then once more to make sure I was getting the right answer! I then asked if there was a missing part of the chart and the answer came back as "Yes". That was the start of really paying attention to answers that may not be evident ... mainly "Hidden". I continued to test for the mission imbalance and finally discovered the "Body Template". After testing and working with this answer, I established that it was the body blueprint that was used by the subconscious to repair the body. Just as a house or building needs to have a blueprint to show the builders how to put something together, the body has a blueprint that helps keep everything repaired a certain way. Sometimes that blueprint gets corrupted and the body continues to be repaired incorrectly. Never allowing it to function in the manner it was intended. To me, this was huge! During the follow years, I have developed symbolic meanings for many of the different charts developed by Dr. Nelson. One of the most notable is the use of Prions as a toxin. If you research the medical files on this topic, you find that they are "non-living templates" that corrupt protein molecules so they don't function correctly. I classify them in 2 stages - stage 1 is infected and stage 2 is saturated or disease level. The way this is contracted is through tainted meat or other medical reasons. I discovered that "Tainted" was the key and that they can be created from "Tainted" situations. Not only that, they can be absorbed or inherited. Suddenly the clients subconscious had another avenue to express an imbalance. This is just a sample of the deeper meanings that can be associated with different parts of the Body Code Charts. This has led to developing some techniques of my own that work.
Tom HeintzMore Observations and Explainations

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Tom Heintz certified Emotion and Body Code practitioner
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